Glow Events

We always seek for any opportunity to create all kinds of events in different types of platforms, aiming to encourage children practice their sense of music, build confidence, while appreciate and enjoy their experience towards learning music. Therefore we always open ourselves up to explore an opportunity to engage with many Malls and Institutions as to become our Partners, hereby initiating events for Glow students to perform their skills and musical ability and give them wider public exposure.

Recitals, Seminars & Workshops

Do You Speak Music Workshop Series – August 2015

The latest Workshop was in 2015 where we collaborated with a Piano genius from Italy to conduct an inspiring 1.5 hours talk show and interactive demonstrations. The outcome of this Workshop was inspirational to potential students as well as became great motivation to our current students in learning their music more excitedly.

Easter Concerts

Our 2015 Easter Concert there was 20 students performed within a total of 2 hours duration. The Concert was held in Jakarta Design Centre Event Hall (it was a theatre setting).


Glow 2016 Easter Concert was held in conjunction with Fx Mall’s Easter event. We had around 25 students performing Piano, Violin, Vocal.


Christmas Concerts


Afternoon Tea

Glow occasionally holds Afternoon Tea once or twice a year. The Afternoon Tea program is a casual event where 4-5 students perform music or vocal in front of a small group of audience (usually a minimum of around 10-15 people attending). Drinks and light snacks are served.

In our 2013 Afternoon Tea we had a short informative talk about health, life, children education. It was done in a relax environment.


In our 2013 Christmas Concert we did another Musical Journey theme, where we had teams of young dancers from Marlupi Dance Academy opening the Concert. We also used a storyline to introduce each performer (using a little girl as the main character who did short drama lines in between the student performances). The story was about a girl who lives in a big house without any siblings, so she invites a lot of other children from the neighborhood & the streets to celebrate Christmas there.