Glow Courses

Our music & vocal programs for children are:

A. Group Class
recommended maximum capacity of class : 4 students
max duration : 45 mins. for< 3 students, 60 mins. for> 3 students

1. Glow (for students age 3-3,5 years old)
– Group activities: mini band, etc
– Start playing with rhythmic musical instruments. Most of the time accompanied by piano.
– Start developing sense of music
– Have fun with music and friends. Compete with other groups (when necessary)

2. Little Corner (for students age 4-5 years old)
– First introduction towards musical instruments (keyboard or piano)
– Play music in group
– Further develop sense of music that was previously developed at age 3-3,5 years old, or which have never been developed before

B. Private Class
Recommended minimum age for this class is 6 years old, as younger students usually prefer to join Group Class “Little Mozart”

We have classes for :Piano, Violin, Guitar, Vocal.
There are many levels to this Class (Andante, Moderato1, Moderato2, Moderato3, Allegro1, Allegro2). We can provide examinations, Internal or International examinations (ABRSM Royal)

Adults students are usually advised to join our Private Class

Special-Needs Intervention Class

We try to cater musical education to all kinds of students, not exempting special-needs children, such as : autistic, hyperactive, down syndrome.

We believe that a special-needs student individually has his/her own unique talent and abilities, they just need to be discovered and triggered for these talents to shine.

It takes special care, patience and attention to nurture these students, and we always seek for experienced teachers who can conduct such trainings.

We use easy-to-understand methods to help special needs students in learning the music material, whether it be playing musical instruments or singing.